Blowing One’s Own Trumpet…

Silverleaf is a start-up in every sense (except that we’re profitable). We’re based out of Mumbai and within two short years, are a leader in the HFT space in India. Our work combines Machine Learning, AI techniques and mathematical modeling with in-house low latency software and hardware trading capability.

We are looking for talented analysts to develop high frequency strategies for financial markets and to scale our proprietary trading infrastructure to new exchanges.

As a fast moving start-up, we value the ability to work in fuzzy environments. Exposure to a wide variety of problem spaces, technologies, and an inclination to learn and explore new ones is deeply appreciated.


How We Work

Our workspace is unique and unlike any place you may have worked at before – We have a wonderfully friendly work culture that promotes collaboration and initiative. A key concept here is “Mentorship” and we strongly believe that “Mentorship is Better Than Instruction”.

We don’t spend a day here, a day there training our employees – instead we work closely together day-in and day-out, give everyone the same opportunities, share responsibilities and provide the freedom and space to learn, make and progress. Every single day, every one of us is teaching everyone else a little bit more – about finance, programming, systems, testing, analysis – in short sharing knowledge freely and eagerly.

The other thing is – we listen. We seriously promote ideas that come in from all corners of the firm and weigh each one on its merits. We encourage employees to start and work on research projects that interest them and we essentially ensure that every one of us is enjoying the day in office.

Cuz’ That’s How We Roll.


Where Can I Fit In (a.k.a. Open Positions)

HFT Strategy Developer

Our core job profile – It involves analyzing market patterns and building trading strategies using concepts of Game Theory, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics etc. An exciting role, it requires brilliant problem solving abilities and preferably some experience with machine learning and statistics.

Financial knowledge is a bonus, but not a requirement – we’ll teach it to you in a day!

HFT Infrastructure Developer

The programmers paradise – This role involves scaling our trading platform to new exchanges and continuously working on cool and new technologies and software to reduce latencies, analyse large volumes of data, and on automating all kinds of tasks.

A strong background in data structures and algorithms is desired. Experience with at least one systems programming language is a requirement. Functional programming experience is a bonus.

Frontend Developer

This role involves creatively designing and implementing both the front and back-end components of applications that help in making trading and associated tasks easier.

A strong background in Javascript, jQuery and related technologies is required. Experience with any web development framework and an object oriented language is a bonus.

Fractal Research Scientist

This was our earliest research project. We have already made considerable strides in understanding and using fractals for modelling market risk. Not too many people in the world have successfully used fractals in modelling market conditions.  A research scientist who will focus on studying this further and deepening our knowledge is what this is all about.

For those of you who love an academic and mind-bending challenge, this role is perfect for you.

BitCoin Research Lead

We have an ongoing research project on using BitCoins in new and innovative ways. We are looking for someone to lead this project, give it direction and bring it to fruition.

Okay, This Is Awesome. How Do I Apply?

Our preferred method of hiring is via internships – come work with us for a couple of months, see the work profile and experience our work culture for yourself. If you do well, we will definitely make you a job offer.

For permanent roles or for internship positions, drop us an email. Tell us what interests you and why you are interested with a role with us. Send us your Resumé (keep it short) and anything else you feel is important. If you’ve worked on open source projects, do include links to GitHub, Google Summer of Code, etc. If you have Robotics experience, then send us a picture of your robot doing something cute. ;)