We encourage working on side-projects within the firm. Anyone can come up with an idea which leads to a long term, open-ended research project. Some of these may translate into business lines in the future, however the key theme behind them is “develop your own interesting ideas”.

Active Projects

Fractal Market Modelling




What Are Fractals?

“Beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. That’s fractals!”  Benoît B. Mandelbrot

Fractals are essentially self-similar patterns. Their designs and influences are found in a variety of unexpected places in nature and in the natural sciences.

Why Fractals?

Since the development of the theory of fractals by Mandelbrot in the 1960′s, fractals have slowly found their way into financial markets and are key to explaining the turbulent, wild nature of the world’s economies. Fractal market analysis debunks some of the shaky myths that are the foundation of modern financial theory (such as over-dependence on the normal curve). As a firm, we believe these tools will play a pivotal role in helping us make headway in the area of financial modelling and in understanding risk.

Here at Silverleaf Capital Services, fractal modelling is an ongoing research project which focuses on understanding the underlying nature of financial markets. We develop and use fractal distributions to help us estimate the real-risk of financial markets and also aim to come up with our own models for derivative pricing.

Sports Betting Using Crypto-currencies


Silverleaf is leveraging its high frequency infrastructure and quantitative trading knowledge to participate in unconventional exchanges that have huge potential.

We are exploring the possibility of bookmaking on gambling exchanges. Our focus is on exchanges that use crypto-currencies and thereby enable :

  1. Bets to be placed without the presence of any central authority and remove any chance of the counter-party defaults
  2. Complete protection of identities of all parties involved i.e: the bettors and the bookmakers


These budding new anonymous and mathematically driven exchanges are going to change the way betting is handled in the future and we hope to have an early advantage on them. Add to it the thrill of sports predictions and we have our most exciting and buzzing research project till date!

Bitcoin Dreaming


The very idea of a crypto currency is exciting and in many ways magical. Just 5 years ago, no one would have imagined this possible. Bitcoin and their siblings enable a whole new kind of transaction that has not been possible until now. Their potential is unknown – and this is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.

We have plans of creating future-contract exchanges, counter-party systems and much more using crypto-currencies. To start off, we want to implement our currently operating strategies to work on Bitcoin.