We consider ourselves more a technology firm than a financial firm – thus our founders, directors and employees are extremely talented developers. We look towards software and technology for solutions whenever possible. A combination of automation techniques, learning algorithms and  “hacking it together” (aka “jugaad”) allows a small team to develop highly impactful systems.


Hotbed of AI and ML

We have an obsession with Machine Learning – we use it as a backbone of our strategy development. Our unsaid philosophy, “no one can predict the future of the stock market”, leads us to be very realistic and critical when developing working financial strategies and only a disciplined approach with the backing of ML is capable of delivering results in such an uncertain environment.

Of late, we have been pondering the use of our learnings to make predictions in highly unconventional areas where they have not been used before – like predicting the outcomes of sports matches or looking for evidence of scams in publicly available data.


Early Adopter of D

We deal with troves and troves of data and our response and turnaround times are measured in microseconds. Most widely used programming languages and frameworks fail at our requirements and latencies. The stalwarts of systems programming – C and C++ are the mainline choices for our kind of work.

Yet, we chose to place our bets behind a new and upcoming language – the D programming language. We feel that it brings the power and capability of C++ and recasts it into a simpler and much more productive language. We are in the midst of a complete shift of our existing systems from C++ to D and with it we’re seeing gains in flexibility, productivity without sacrificing the raw speed we require.

We can go on for hours about what we have learnt doing this and the joys of working in a language that allows you to control everything. If you want to know more, drop us an email or come and meet us for chai! :)